Campus Feud is a version of the Classic TV game show, Family Feud.  With a classic set design consisting of blue and red curtains, and a face-off podium, this game show is bound to be a hit with your students.  Two pre-determined teams consisting of five contestants come up on stage.  The first contestants are then called up to the face-off podium for the first question.  The questions are actual survey questions that were asked of current college students.  The team that answers the question with the highest point value can either play or pass that round.  They then go back to their teams, where each contestant has a chance to answer the question.  If they are wrong they will receive a strike.  The team continues to try to reveal all the correct answers while trying not to accumulate three strikes.  If they get three strikes, the question is tossed over to the other team who gets a chance to answer.  If they get one correct answer, they receive points from that round, if not the points go to the other team.  The next round is played like the first, however, the next person in line comes up from each team to the face-off podium.  The third round is the same however the points are doubled.  In the final round the point values are tripled.  Each game is played with two brand new teams pulled from the audience.

For special events, with enough advanced notice, we can utilize your schools survey questions as part of the show, or the questions could be customized to a particular audience or theme.

Campus Feud