HYPNOTIC INTOXICATION is a two-part program. The first part is a lecture on the powers that alcohol and addictive drugs play on our lives. How they affect the way we live, the way we act. How they interact in our daily lives. It explores the many aspects of alcohol in our lives and how, if gone unnoticed, it can ruin our lives.

We can also customize this portion of the program to include any of your school's alcohol policy.

The second part is the highlight of the presentation. In this portion we invite some volunteers onstage. We hypnotize them and invite them to a KEITH KARKUT PARTY. In which any alcohol they ever wanted is there in unlimited amounts. For the alcohol is served through the powers of the mind, by serving your students water, which they think is the most potent alcohol they have ever had. We allow their friends to see what really happens when they involve themselves in a severe alcohol situation.

KEITH ends his presentation by closing with a powerful, motivational message that will allow your students to realize who they really are and what their future holds for them, and how to set their destiny.

The reason that this program is so successful, is it allows students at the college level to experience an educational session in an entertaining way. Your students will enjoy the subject, and won't even realize they are learning an important issue that will affect their lives and everyone around them

Hypnotic Intoxication Showcase

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Hypnotic Intoxication

Hypnotic Intoxication