WHAT IS THE COLLEGE GAME SHOW? The College Game Show is an interactive trivia program that you can run yourself. Using the latest in wireless audience response technology team compete from their seats in the audience. We ship you a game unit that comes complete with all the games built in. All you have to do is hook it up to your own project and sound and you are good to go.

HOW DOES THE GAME WORK? The College Game show is an interactive trivia show utilizing the latest in wireless audience response technology. Each team receives a remote that is used to answer the multiple choice questions from their seat in the audience. The game consists of 55-60 multiple choice questions.

Along the way teams will also be able to wager the points that they have in order to earn more points. Also along the way there will be the Rapid Fire section of the game. After each question teams will than be able to see the leader board to see where their team is in the standings.

Each multiple choice question starts out at 1000 points, but as the time ticks away on the clock so do that amount of points that you can earn. The faster that you answer the question the more points that the team will receive. Teams will be able to see if they have rung in on the bottom of the question screen when their remote number changes color. This will allow teams to know that they have rung in.

After each question the team standing will be displayed on the leader board. If the team has answered the question correctly than their team name will have changed color. If they have answered incorrectly than the team name will remain the same color.

In the Wager It portion of the game teams are given a topic for the next question and than asked what percentage of their points they want to wager on the next question. Teams can wager No Points, 25%, 50%, 75% or all 100% of their points. If the team gets the question right they earn the points, if they get the question wring they lose the points. Before teams are asked to select how much they want to wager the leader board will be shown to remind them of how many points they have.

In the Rapid Fire section teams will be asked to name the singer or song from a music clip that is played. Teams will be given five choices of singer names or song name and given and shorter amount of time to answer. Question come in Rapid Fire format with one right after the other. The Rapid Fire consists of 12 question.

The College Game Show comes complete with a custom soundtrack designed for each show that plays while the game is being played.

There are many different versions of the show from General Knowledge/Popular Culture to Reality Television to the 1980’s and many more.

You will be able to input custom team names for each show. Each team can choose it’s own team name that will appear on the screen in conjunction with their controller number.

HOW LONG IS EACH GAME? Each game is around 50 minutes in length. Longer games can be requested for an additional charge.

WHAT DO I GET FOR MY MONEY? Each Unit comes with the games requested and 15 wireless remote controls.

CAN I GET A CUSTOM GAME MADE? Custom games are available for an additional charge and require a 6 week lead time. This time is used to gather all the questions you provide and to record the audio and video required for your show.

Custom games are great for Orientation to help your students learn more about your campus and the other services your campus offers.

CAN SCORES BE CUMULATIVE OVER A SEMESTER? Yes. You can set your College Game Show unit up to play in tournament mode. This will keep the total scores of each team for each game played. This will allow you to have a weekly trivia night challenge and offer a prize at the end of the semester.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SET UP THE UNIT? You can set up the College Game Show Unit in under 5 minutes. It is just a matter of plugging in the power to any wall out using a standard extension cord and hooking up the VGA and Audio to your system.

WHAT IF I LOSE A REMOTE? Additional remotes can be sent during the course of the semester. Call agent for replacement cost of lost item.

AM I RESPONSIBLE FOR THE UNIT WHILE I HAVE IT? Yes! You are responsible for everything that comes with the Unit. Call agent for replacement cost of Unit.

HOW WILL YOU SHIP THE UNIT? Your College Game Show unit will be shipped to you via UPS.

WHAT DO I HAVE TO SUPPLY TO HOOK UP THE UNIT? You will need a regular extension cord, VGA cable, and audio cable. Same connections needed to hook up a Power Point presentation from your computer.

Current Versions of The Show
*General Knowledge/ Popular Culture (13 Versions)
*Black History Month
*Women’s History Month
*The Green Show (Recycling)
*Reality TV
*The 70’s
*The 80’s
*Alcohol Awareness

The College Game Show