Come on down to the hottest game show to hit the college market. This High Paced, High Energy Game Show is based on two Classic TV Game Shows; The Price is Right & Let’s Make A Deal. Complete with a few Zonks along the way, this show involves the whole audience. Up to thirty students will have a chance to play for a chance to win up to $500.00 in Cash and Prizes. Coffee Machines, A Brand New Car, Inflatable Furniture, and a chance to win up to $100.00 in Cash playing the popular PLINKO Board.

Four names are drawn and those contestants come up on stage to bid on a item. The person closest to the actual price with out going over wins the prize and the chance to play a game for a bigger prize. Everyone that is called up on stage walks away with a prize.

At the end of the night the top winners from the evening have a chance to trade in what they won for a chance at something even bigger. They are given the choice of several curtains and can trade in those curtain as our host attempts to wheel and deal to give them the chance at perhaps something even better than what is behind their curtain.

A Great Set, High Energy, Audience Friendly Host, Awesome Sound System and High Paced MC make The Deal Is Right the Best Game Show for your programming dollars, a perfect show for any event and any budget. The Deal Is Right is the perfect show inside or outside.

The Deal is Right